Monday, May 26, 2008

New Pics!

I added pictures from our inter-school debate. We hope to organize another one real soon. I will send updates.

I still have a new PO Box. But for some reason my box is empty! I wonder why that is? I am still waiting for the overflow. A girl can hope right?

Also- I have a new project that I will be initiating soon in my community that will help some local students be able to go to school by soliciting funds for their school fees. Trust me you will want to donate! Besides being an incredible tax write off for you- you will have the opportunity to bless a deserving child with a bright future full of education. Now what's more important- the Big Mac you want right now or a deserving child's future? I thought so- Their Future! We are blessed that our education is free even up to college- there are free opportunities. But here- the parents STRUGGLE to pay for their children to even finish primary school.

Start saving now- You are going to be a blessing to someone! Praise God!


Monday, May 5, 2008

Positives and Expectations

“Focus on the positives.” –A Youth Center Leader
“Set your expectations low.” –A Former APCD

So should I have POSITIVE EXPECTATIONS or should I ALWAYS EXPECT THE POSITIVE? Ok, maybe both.

So, keeping those 2 statements in mind. Here is a quick re-cap of an activity that I had the chance to plan, implement, and evaluate. Finally! A good use of my degree in Health Education. Ok, I will leave the sarcasm behind and stay focused on the positives.

We planned an intershool debate involving 5 secondary schools. The major focus was about adolescent reproductive health and HIV/AIDS. The activity was a success. We had over 300 students attending the activity. We paired the debate with an opportunity for the students to test for HIV and showed a series of films about sexual reproductive health that led to great discussions on various topics.

I was impressed at how involved all the students were in the debate. We only had 10 students on the panel, but the audience was full of eager participants to offer comments. The debate went so well, the students were upset when we had to end and begin the films.

Afterwards, many students and teachers were asking when we would do another debate and hoping that their own school would have the chance to host the function. I am excited about their enthusiasm and see this as a great way to educate on all sorts of issues facing youth. HIV, Violence Prevention, Sexual Harassment, Career Goals, and even Lifeskills.

I will post pics from this activity at a later time. And as more activities come…I will post info and pics. (Ok, that wasn’t too sarcastic was it?)



Friday, May 2, 2008

New Address

I FINALLY have a new address:

Marquita Renee Johnson
P.O. Box 379
Kamuli, Uganda

I can't wait for all the lovely packages and letters!!! Thanks ya'll!!!